Here are some answers to the questions we hear most often about volunteering for Verona Minor Hierusalem:

Who are the Verona Minor Hierusalem volunteers ?
They are citizens in love with their city, its history and its culture. They belong to different age groups, cultural backgrounds, political and religious orientations. They are students, workers, retirees. However, they all commit themselves to respecting the places of worship where the voluntary service is carried out.

How much of their time are volunteers required to donate?
We ask everyone to donate 8 hours a month – two 4-hour shifts – in one of the 17 churches of the three itineraries. Volunteers can choose a day from Thursday to Sunday, and one of the two time slots: 10 am – 2 pm or 2 pm – 6 pm.

Based on one’s skills and expertise in the fields of communication, data analysis, and use of technologies for the conservation of cultural heritage, further opportunities for volunteering are possible in other services provided by the organization chart.

I’m not 18 yet. Can I still volunteer?
No. You must be at least 18 years old. There is no maximum age limit.
Your suitability for volunteer service in roles other than the greeting of visitors in the churches is generally assessed during the initial interview with the director.

I’m not an Italian national. Can I become a volunteer?
There are no restrictions based on citizenship. Non-Italian nationals can volunteer if they legally reside in Italy and hold a valid residence permit.

How can I apply and what is required of me?
To send your application, fill in the electronic form (LINK) and attach your curriculum vitae.
If you do not have a CV, you can contact our Infopoint, and you will be given help in describing and summarizing in a few lines your skills and talents.

Do I have to interview for a volunteer placement?
Yes, all prospective volunteers are required to undergo an initial interview with the director of the Foundation.
This is not, however, a selective interview, but an opportunity to create a personalized project of volunteering and personal growth for the person who is preparing to join the great Verona Minor Hierusalem project.

What happens during the interview?
The interview consists of two moments:

  • A general presentation of the project by the Director of the Foundation.
  • An analysis of the candidate’s motivations and curriculum vitae, in order to create a personalized project.

What skills and experience do I need?
No specific skills or experience are required. Passion, motivation, and commitment are enough. In exchange for your gift, the Foundation will give you the training you need to welcome visitors in a competent and adequate way.

What kind of training will I be given?
All volunteers are offered interdisciplinary training that ranges from first aid and safety to art and history, and all the other subjects necessary to greet and welcome Italian and foreign visitors with the utmost serenity and competence (e.g., foreign languages, theatre, etc ).
For those who wish, there are also opportunities to learn more about Art and Spirituality.

Where will I volunteer?
The greeting service normally takes place inside one of the 17 churches of the three itineraries: Rebirth from Water, Rebirth from Heaven, Rebirth from Earth.
Volunteers may also be asked to serve their functions at the Infopoint in the case of any collateral services evaluated during the interview.

Does Verona Minor Hierusalem offer work or internship opportunities?
The foundation does not offer employment opportunities.
Verona Minor Hierusalem gives students and recent graduates the opportunity to complete curricular and post-graduate internships. (link)

How do I contact you?
You can contact us by email at or by phone at +39 342 1820111. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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