The Diocese of Verona — Founding Member — set up Verona Minor Hierusalem Foundation by notarial deed on the 12th of December, 2018. Its legal status was recognized by Regione Veneto in January, 2019 (Decreto n° 5, 16th January 2019)


Mainly through the service of its volunteers, the Foundation intends to achieve the following aims and objectives:

  •  the value of the human being
    • promote opportunities for people to meet and create meaningful connections based on their common interest for art, culture and spirituality, so as to develop their creative and innovative potential, with a particular focus on young people, their freedom and employment opportunities;
    • implement an open and inclusive style of hospitality, based on a welcoming disposition, volunteering service and gift economy;

    • offer interdisciplinary training opportunities for volunteers and private citizens;
  • historical-artistic heritage:
    • increase citizens’  awareness of the high historical and artistic value of the city of Verona through their own active participation;
    • study the history, culture, art and spirituality of the territory and make it accessible through digital technologies and promote its knowledge, enhancement and conservation for future generations;
  • itineraries:
    • create historical-artistic itineraries to broaden and extend the tourist offer, making them accessible to everyone, including visitors and pilgrims with disabilities;
  • synergy with the territory:
    • create synergy and interaction with associations, universities, educational institutions, municipal administrations, economic and financial bodies, connecting the itineraries to local events;
  • school programs:
    • create and deliver educational workshops for all ages and levels;
  • spiritual aspect:
    • create a training program for the new role of Spiritual Educator in the churches of the three itineraries.



The Board of Directors, made up of members appointed by the Bishop of Verona, has the powers of ordinary administration, in line with the advice and input expressed by the Steering Committee.

Both the Board of Directors and the Steering Committee are chaired by the Foundation President.

President: Maurizio Viviani

Vice President: Cristiano Falchetto

Board Members:

  • Federico Sboarina
  • Pier Luigi Sacco
  • Chiara Tommasini


The Steering Committee members are appointed by the Board of Directors. They represent cultural and business Bodies, Institutions and Organizations.

The Committee has an advisory role, providing advice on the activities and projects of the Foundation and on any other matter for which the Board of Directors expressly requests its opinion

Committee members

  • Third Sector and Non Profit: Expert – Stefano Zamagni (Vice Presidente)
  • Banco BPM: Consultant – Marco Pogliani
  • Regione Veneto: Assessore alla cultura – Cristiano Corazzari
  • Università di Verona: Delegata alla Comunicazione – Nicoletta Zerman
  • Ufficio Scolastico Territoriale VII di Verona: Dirigente – Albino Barresi
  • Musei d‘Arte Monumenti: Direttore – Francesca Rossi
  • Associazione Chiese Vive: Maurizio Viviani
  • Camera di Commercio: Presidente – Giuseppe Riello


The Supervisory Board carries out comprehensive supervision of the Foundation’s financial and accounting operations.

Member: Alberto Centurioni


The Director is appointed by the Board of Directors. The Director is responsible for the development, implement and management of the Foundation’s operational policies and procedures.  

Director: Paola Tessitore

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