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A little gesture, a great help:

Donate culture and a warm welcome!


There’s a city to improve together!


Choose how to support our projects and become a protagonist in your city:

By donating your time and your skills
Join our volunteers and help us to build welcoming relationships in the city, with the city and for the city: contact us at

By donating 5 x 1000 of your income in your tax return
If you fill in your tax returns in Italy, supporting Verona Minor Hierusalem with “5×1000” is easy. You only need to put your signature and enter Verona Minor Hierusalem’s tax code 93282300230 in the first field in the top-left corner, dedicated to the support of volunteering (Sostegno del Volontariato)

With a donation
Your donation will allow us to carry on our activities and projects in the city, with the city and for the city:

  • by bank transfer to the following account: FONDAZIONE VERONA MINOR HIERUSALEMBanco BPM SPA – IBAN: IT18O0503411716000000006227
  • with a simple direct donation from our site, by clicking on “Donate now


Getting your company involved
Through partnerships, sponsorships and by donating skills or resources, you will help us activate synergies in the city, with the city and for the city: contact us at



* Please note that donations made by companies in favour of one of the Verona Minor Hierusalem Foundation projects are deductible within the limit of 2% of the total declared income (Article 100 paragraph 2 letter a) T.U.I.R.

You can donate by bank transfer

IBAN: IT18O0503411716000000006227

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