Cultural heritage volunteering is a particular form of social commitment whose objective is the enhancing of the historical and artistic heritage of the territory. Some of its main goals are to guarantee citizens and tourists access to the sites, and to guard and safeguard their treasures for future generations – all this thanks to the interdisciplinary training offered to volunteers.

As well as other forms of volunteering (health, social, educational, recreational, …), cultural heritage volunteering also pursues the goal of the common good. Through the powerful tool of art and beauty, it promotes the well-being of people, it educates to good citizenship and hospitality, and it fosters social cohesion. Finally, it develops thematic tourism with positive repercussions also on the economic level: one more reason to support it, together. 


Verona Minor Hierusalem volunteers donate a few hours of their time and, in a virtuous cycle that realizes the gift economy, they receive in exchange a personalized program of personal and cultural growth that allows them to strengthen and expand their talents and skills. This is precisely the purpose of the many interdisciplinary training opportunities, among which our volunteer can choose what best suits their interests: from history to art, from spirituality to literature, from foreign languages ​​to theatre, up to specific topics related to the specificity of the service provided in churches and art places. In this way we want to meet the expectations of the person before the needs of the organization!

The free gift of training comes before service, and constantly accompanies it, making it more and more qualified. For this reason, all Verona Minor Hierusalem volunteers receive the “Volunteer Personal Booklet” with an embedded electronic chip, which allow them to have their personal training program available online, in their own private area.

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