The warm welcome you will receive in the churches along the three Verona Minor Hierusalem itineraries, and the works of art you will see will contribute to make your visit a gratifying and enriching experience. Our volunteers, who will greet you at the entrance of every church, have all received interdisciplinary training in first aid and safety, history, art, foreign languages ​​and, for those interested, even spirituality, so as to be able to understand the different needs of Italian and foreign visitors, and to support them in a visit as personalized and engaging as possible.

A variety of technological and digital tools – tablets, for example – will allow you to embark on a real experiential journey, that will make even the invisible become visible. However, technology does in no way substitute, but only support the welcoming presence of our volunteers: it helps them to better interact with visitors and make works of art accessible to everyone, including those with physical and cognitive disabilities.

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