The Verona Minor Hierusalem association has created 3 itineraries that allow you to discover 17 churches otherwise difficult to visit: here, you will be welcomed by our volunteers, who will involve you in the history and art and, if you are interested, in the spirituality of each church.

This experience will become an opportunity for personal growth: a spontaneous inner rebirth of the passion for art, culture and history; the rediscovery of a city that never ceases to amaze.

Choose freely which churches to visit or follow one of our itineraries: remember to ask for your credential or map, where you can find information on all our churches and get the stamps that will be the proof of your visit. You can also get all the material at our Infopoint!

Our volunteers will enthusiastically welcome both Italian and foreign visitors, and, through the churches kept open by Verona Minor Hierusalem, they will make inclusion one of their priorities: discover our itineraries and start planning your visit!

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