Santa Maria del Paradiso

Relics and the veneration of saints


The church of Santa Maria del Paradiso was built by the Servite Friars in 1519, over pre-existing civil buildings. All its furnishings came from the nearby St. Apollinaire monastery and hospital. In 1782, after devastating river floods, the church of San Vitale was condemned and its interior – the altars included – was literally moved into Santa Maria.

The church houses a special treasure, collected over the centuries: relics of saints of various ages, that make it one of the most important European reliquary. Among the relics, those coming from Jerusalem, collected in the Holy Land by the Knights Templar, and relics of Veronese saints and founders of Veronese religious orders.

Interesting facts

Only in 1890 did Fr. Luigi Pimazzoni set up a permanent shrine; in 1927 the Chapel of the Relics was inaugurated, and today, thanks to the commitment of the Camillian Order, it has once again become a symbol of the veneration of saints and popular devotion in Verona.

General information

The church of Santa Maria del Paradiso is part of the itinerary called “Rebirth from Heaven.  From the testimony of Saints to Mozart’s music”.   Admission is free thanks to the Verona Minor Hierusalem volunteers.

Opening times

Saturday: 10 am – 5.30 pm

Mass Schedule

Saturday Mass: 6 pm; Weekday: 7 am

Address: Via Gaetano Trezza – 37129 Verona

For further information, please email

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