An unusual adventure among art, history and architecture

The city of the Arena, of the opera, of the tragic love of Romeo and Juliet … but Verona is much more! Verona Minor Hierusalem invites you to discover corners, stories and works of art that are maybe less known but nonetheless extremely fascinating:

  • the splendid frescoes by Giovan Francesco Caroto in the church of Sant’Eufemia
  • the singular “inclined capita” of the triumphal arch of San Giovanni in Foro
  • the Romanesque crypt (recently reopened) in the church of San Benedetto al Monte
  • the inlaid choir in Santa Maria in Organo,

… and these are just some of the many wonders that our volunteers will be happy to show you.

Discover the 3 itineraries we have prepared for you: choose freely which churches to visit or follow one itinerary from the beginning to the end – the route along the ancient Via Postumia, the one along the left bank of the river Adige or the one in the Veronetta district: in each one you will find places that will amaze you.

At the beginning of your visit, remember to ask our volunteers for the credential or the map, where you can find information on all our churches and get the stamps that will be the proof of your experience.

For further information, group visits or guided tours, please email  and we will reply as soon as possible.

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